Test Code: ACMON / ACMON+

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【Liquid Biopsy Monitoring】Tumor Burden and Drug Resistance

Liquid Biopsy Monitoring can detect occurrence of variants that would lead to drug sensitivity or resistance providing assessment on treatment responses and early detection for cancer recurrence.

Next Generation Sequencing, NGS
Our most efficient and comprehensive Next Generation Sequencing based panel provides a strong basis for molecular diagnostic tests, it checks 1600~2500 mutation hotspots of 12~50 cancer core genes.

Liquid Biopsy Advantages
- A non-invasive test, which decreases risk of infection and enables - repeated testing at different time points
- Variants detected can reflect tumor heterogeneity
- Highly sensitive and real time monitoring of tumor dynamics
- Assessment of treatment response, understanding resistance mechanisms and monitoring cancer recurrence

Who is suitable?
­- Patients with solid tumor unsuitable for surgery
­- Patients with solid tumor and have developed drug resistance
­- Patients with solid tumor and risk of cancer recurrence
­- Patients with solid tumor and wish to monitor treatment response

Suitable for most patients:
- Newly diagnosed with cancer
- First time to be treated with targeted therapy
- Diagnosed with recurrence or metastasis
- Developed resistance to existing treatment

- Sequencing Mean Depth and Sensitivity
>7,000x sequencing mean depth and 0.5% sensitivity of variant frequency
- Genetic Variation
• Single nucleotide variants (SNVs)
• Small insertions and deletions (Small InDels)

Sample Requirement
8ml whole blood (Streck’s 10ml blood collection tube)
(Upon collection, immediately and gently invert the tube 10 times)

Test Methodology:

Specimen Required: 

8ml whole blood

Turnaround Time : 

Maximum to 6 weeks