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Progene PGx

When it comes to medications, one drug is not suitable for all individuals. A drug that works well for others may not work for you. More importantly, even common prescription drugs can cause dangerous and costly negative side effects which are known as adverse drug reactions (ADR). New technologies and tests are now available to take the guesswork out of drug therapy. By taking a ProGene PGx test today, you can easily screen your DNA for genetic markers associated with Drug Respond and ADR Risk. The test results can help your doctor to identify the right medication and right dose for you according to your personal genetic profile.

Several ProGene PGx tests are available for a range of commonly prescribed drugs:

For drugs used to treat pain and immunological conditions:
 Antifolates
 Antifungals
 Fibromyalgia Agents
 Immunomodulators
 Immunosupressants
 Muscle Relaxants
 Opioids

For drugs used to treat gastrointestinal and urological disorders:
 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
 Alpha-Blockers for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
 Antispasmodics for Overactive Bladder
 Antiemetics
 Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors for Erectile Dysfunction
 Proton Pump Inhibitors

For drugs used to treat cardiovascular diseases and diabetes:
 Angiotensin II Receptor
 Antagonists
 Antianginal Agents
 Antiarrhythmics
 Anticoagulants
 Antiplatelets
 Beta Blockers
 Statins
 Sulfonylureas

For drugs used to treat mental health-related conditions:
 Anti-ADHD Agents
 Antiaddictives
 Antidementia Agents
 Antidepressants
 Antipsychotics
 Antiseizure (anticonvulsants)
 Benzodiazepines

Test Methodology:

Buccal swab sample from your inner cheek and send it to our laboratory.

Specimen Required: 

Buccal Swab

Turnaround Time : 

Maximum to 8 weeks