Test Code: TAL01

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ProGene Talent Gene & Career Analysis

As the cornerstone to all human lives, genes play an important role in defining every individual’s unique characteristics. It includes character, talent, physique required and health etc. The test helps unfold part of the genetic blueprint. It provides parents with insight to their children's inborn talent. By offering the most suitable education according to the genetic blueprint, children may develop their fullest potential.

Test Item:

Optimistim / Risk-taking / Persistence / Shyness / Composure / Split Personality
Hyper Activity / Negative Emotion / Impulsive / Attentiveness / Mould-ability

- Social Intelligence:
Intelligence / Comprehension / Analytical / Memory / Creativity / Reading Ability / Imagination

- Artistic:
Performing / Music / Drawing / Dancing / Literature / Linguistic

- Emotional Intelligence:
Affectionate / Faithfulness / Passion / Prosperity for Teenage Romance
Sentimentality / Sociability / Self Reflection / Self Control

- Sport:
Endurance / Sprint / Technique / Training Sensitivity / Tendency of Sport Injuries / Sport Psychology

- Physical Fitness:
Height / General Wellness

- Health:
Obesity / Sensitivity to Second-Hand Smoke

- Addiction:
Alcoholism / Smoking / General Addiction

Test Methodology:

Cell Sample is scraped from buccal mucosa (surface of the gum and cheek) using a cotton swab.
The sample will be analysed anonymously by the latest technology in certified laboratories from the United States. 

Specimen Required: 

Buccal Swab

Turnaround Time : 

Maximum to 6-8 weeks